Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my lair

This is my happy place.
My friend had this rad hutch just sitting in her garage and just gave it to me.
I'm in love, and my crafty junk fits perfectly.
Definitely not as awesome as Caroline's
but it makes me happy to be organized, 
instead of everything in ziplock baggies and boxes.

I sat down early this morning and 
wrote a list down of all the stuff I need to get done before Christmas
...I have my work cut out for me, thats for dang sure:)

I had a goal of doing some serious cleaning today
...but all I want to do is watch Frosty with Lils and eat cookie dough.
At times like these I really wish I was Mary Poppins, 
and had a treadmill.


Diana Smith said...

Adorable! You have made that look so cute! Isn't it nice to have a place where you can put your craft projects. I am still looking for mine haha

Audrey @ said...

"like" this post my favorite is the last line! ha ha made me giggle.