Saturday, December 25, 2010

not now arctic puffin

I had plans of taking a lot of pictures with an actual camera, and posting a lot of fun pictures...
But to be honest this is probably the best Christmas ever. Why? Because we are doing nothing. We made no extravagant plans, no running and rushing around town last minute, no need to have the house super clean for guests. Just lots of doing nothing together. Just as it should be. So, no 'real' pictures, cause I'm too busy doing nothing.

Of course, Santa came and boy did he deliver! 
Puzzles, boots, waffle maker, books, paints, blankies, a huge map, cookies from Holland! Just to name a few!
Now on to watching our favorite move ever created: How To Train A Dragon.
This Christmas has been magical.
Hope yours was too.


Becca said...

Merry Christmas, Rach! And we, too, LOVE that movie. Gotta love toothless.

Haley K said...

I should be in bed...but I have to tell you I loved all your fun Christmas photos! (i see you found Instagram...isn't it THE best??) And I absolutely adore Lily's PJs :) So glad you had a wonderful day to relax with your sweet fam. Merry Christmas Rach!

Carly said...

sounds pretty dang perfect. merry christmas!

JMay said...

Aww, how cute! I love the Instagram feature on the iPhone :-)