Monday, December 27, 2010

snow in the South

We were told upon moving to Charlotte that it rarely ever snows (my thoughts: YESSSSSS!)
Welp, it snowed. And the whole city has basically shut down.
Yesterday morning we went for a walk and it was magical...
for about ten mintues and then people starting crying because their hands were cold.
It was really hard to carry Chad all the way home.

The snow is still here. 
It's very pretty but I'm pretty sure living in Narnia  Rexburg, Idaho has scarred me for life and I am ready for the white stuff to be gone already.


Mary Mathews said...

I live a few hours south of you and its almost gone here! So hang in there.

Holly said...

I love all the pretty!

Sarah said...

Glad you got a little snow this winter. That's just how I like it; which means I am living in the wrong place.