Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday scattered post

(when reading this, you will get an idea how my mind is working this morning, mile a minute and scattered)
Saturday was one of those days where I literally called Chad about 10 times. And each time asking him to fake sick so he could come home and play. And of course, he didn't.

It snowed! Well, this much:
 Eden and I watched it fall together.  Snow is magical, especially when it doesn't stick around for 6 months out of the year like some eastern-Idaho college towns. 
Lily and I danced to Regina for a long time. And by dancing, I really mean twirling.
Whens the last time you twirled for an hour?
I'm still dizzy.

Finally, Chad walked in the door and he got tackeled by us three girls.
Its pretty comical how excited we are when he gets home. 
It's like a New Years party at midnight, every evening!

ps-I am so excited cause this week he only works 8 hour days! May not seem too awesome, but from what we have been used to, 8 hours is like a vacation.



Diana Smith said...

That is so hard when your husband works soo much! I know what you mean when you ask them to call in sick...haha and 8 hour days must be a dream! My husband would get very busy some weeks and would work 14 hour days then go to school...ahh its hard but everyone says it will be worth, im waiting for that!

The Hinchcliff Family said...

I can relate...Right now my husband works nights and sleeps all day so when he has his days off he still tries to sleep during the day and stay up all night so he doesn't mess up his schedule. That doesn't really help me on his days off, and then I am a little jealous that he has about eight hours all to himself while we are sleeping. I like my kids, but that would be pretty amazing to have eight uninterrupted hours to myself twice a week (or even once a week)! Also, I have to say that I am so envious of the house you live in. It looks so nice with the wood floors, big windows and painted walls. We also rent, and I can't find anything like that for a reasonable price where we live.