Monday, December 20, 2010

sweater-stockings how-to

I know I am not the first to do this.
I can't remember where I have seen this idea, probably Martha, so know that I do not claim this as my own creation ok?
what  you do:
  1. Get a sweater, turn inside-out.
  2. Trace a stocking shape (did a rough estimate on paper) onto the sweater, so that the top of the stocking is at the bottom hem of the sweater (saves you from hemming it yourself!).
  3. Pin the stocking shape together so it won't move when cutting.
  4. Cut it out.
  5. Sew edges (zig-zag if possible)
  6. Turn inside out.
BAM! A stocking.

My pictures aren't awesome, sorry. And this particular stocking is kinda homely, but whateves, for .50 I am not going to sweat about it. Plus when they are hanging, you can even tell how imperfect they are.

ps- I'll do a "how-to" for my girls sweater dresses next time I get a sweater, I never took pictures or documented exactly how I made it. So no worries! It's coming!


Meghan said...

Thanks for posting this Rach. When we get to Oklahoma on Thursday we going to make stockings for my whole fam.

Unknown said...

i did this too a few years back, and i loved using sweaters too because, they are cheap, and you can just whip up more when you have an addition to the family and they don't have to be matchy, matchy.