Sunday, December 5, 2010


I stole this picture off my my friend Emma's blog.
We had a surprise birthday party a few weeks ago for her at Lang Van (way way way good vietnamese food) and it was a blast.
I really lucked out moving to somewhere totally new and making awesome friends like these. 
My prayers were definitely answered, times ten.
(and contrary to what it looks like, I am in fact not in pain)

On another note, I got facebook, again. I know, crazy.
Want to be my friend?


Shalyn said...

Found your blog through the lovely Haley @Life is yummy and you are adorable- love what you have done with the place! I am your newest follower:-)

Emily Alexis said...
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Haley K said...

surprise party + vietnamese food = pure awesomeness :)

And hey I tagged you over on my blog :) hope you'll answer those fun questions...can't wait to read 'em!

Diana Smith said...

I love making new friends! Thats awesome that you were able to do that so quickly. It makes all the difference!! We should be friends on FB!!