Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is what happens when someone doesn't get a nap:
melt downs in the middle of our road, holding a fisher price phone.

I just finished making her birthday presents! 
Yes, yesterday my baby girl turned "FREEEEEEEE!!!!" Yup. Three. I have  three year old, what?
We didn't do anything on her 'real' birthday, we're having a par-tay in two days.
Going to be rad.
I know people told me, but having kids really is so fun. I love my job.


Diana Smith said...

what a cutie!! She is freee haha I can't wait till mine gets older and can actually understand her age. I hope the birthday party is fun!

Becca said...

Happy third to Lils. Weird, huh? Time flies. Mason is almost 8 months.

Unknown said...

I think the dream was a gift of a reminder, what you, of all people, already know so well. But sharing the dream with all of us gave us the opportunity to take ownership of living fully. Thank you. Diane

Southern Belle said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!