Monday, January 24, 2011

PINNNNNKKKKKKKKK!!!!! and a p.s.

Grandma Dolly sent Lily a five dollar bill in a birthday card today and commanded that she have cake and ice cream.
So Lily picked out tonight's flavor: Neapolitan aka "PIIIIIINNNNKKKKKKK!!!!" all by herself for a little birthday eve-eve treat.
Can not believe she is almost three.

ps- kinda really bummed, I have had my eye on THIS swimsuit for a long time, and was going to get this for this summer, welp, my size is no longer available. tear. Any pointers as to wear to get a similar one? It will probably be a while til I actually have the cash to drop on a nice suit...just nice to have ideas, ya know?


Shalyn said...

Piinkkk- how cute! You guys need to try the Neopolitan shake from In N Out- its amazing! Happy birthday to your little girl:-)

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I love shopping online. And by shopping online, I mean window shopping because i'm cheap and shop at thrift stores! But I read your blog and started looking through swimsuits! I found a couple cute ones at VS/Macy Defintely Pricey but still fun to look at!

You should definitely consider the last one :-) (YUCK!!!)

graham cracka said...

Hmm, last time I was swimsuit shopping, which was a coupla years ago now, there were adorable and similar ones at both Target and LimeRicki. I know at LimeRicki they are having clearance now too so it may be a good time! Good luck! Laura

Gena said...

That swimsuit is super cute!
You probably know about these places from living in Rexburg, but Down East and Modbe have some cute swimsuits. I ordered one from Modbe the end of last summer on clearance and am really excited to have one I'll actually feel kinda cute in this year. It will also help that I won't be big and pregnant or nursing anymore! Hooray!

Brooke said...

Check out this swimsuit from Spiegel (it's on sale!). A bit of the same kind of feel as the out-of-stock suit you liked.

diane said...

Does the catalogue "Newport Bay" still exist? It was my favorite for quite awhile. Diane