Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This carpet is in Drew's parents' house. I have had a crush on it since I first went to his house five years ago. I want leopard carpet in my sitting room too.
I suffer from vacation with-drawls. We left this past weekend and stayed and played with old friends in Georgia. Nothing fancy, but it was away from home and fun. 
We came home and after a few minutes of us being home, our house looked like it barfed. Laundry, sippies, fishy crackers, blankets I mean everything was everywhere.
I allowed myself one, wait, it was two days of with drawls and today I finally slapped myself around and cleaned our poor house. It feels good, and now I am ready for the next trip.

Oh, and I literally laughed out loud last night. Apparently I spelled "recipe" wrong on my side bar.
this was funny for two reasons:
  1. It proves that I can not stay up past 10 pm anymore with out being stupid.
  2. AND I probably would have NEVER EVER noticed it was spelled wrong had some friends not pointed it out.
So thanks, and apparently, even if you have a bachelors degree, you can still mis-spell second grade spelling test words. Well, at least in my case.


Kelsey said...

I LOVE that carpet. I want a leopard print rug someday for my living room, it'd look so great on dark hardwood floors. And don't worry I miss spell recipe all the time, gotta love spell check. :)

Shay said...

You are too funny- I cant wait to see that GA pictures- you are posting them, riiiiggghhhtt?!

Unknown said...

Lily, Lily Chilly Belly. You are so very silly. And I love you. Nanna Diane in Oregon.
Happy third birthday to a most incredible person.