Saturday, January 8, 2011

randoms from the slime house

Here is a list of random stuff from our house. Full of slimy sickies.
  1. Remember when Chad took Lils on a airplane date? Well, yesterday we all went on an airplane date. It was a hit. And I was laughing SO HARD. We were sitting across the road from the runway, on a corner, with rather busy traffic. I'm pretty sure people were really confused as to why a family of four was all bundled up with candy freaking out and pointing at the sky.
  2. Now today, we are staying home all day. I am the only one not sick now. Eden's on the mend, but Lils and Chad are slime-balls. So lots of movies, lots of blankies. I don't know why, but doing nothing like this is wearing. I have no motivation to do anything: email, craft, clean, I'm sorry if you are being effected.
  3. In other news, my "hunger" for running has officially returned. I now "HAVE TO" run daily, or I go crazy. It took me about a week of forcing myself out the door daily but now, I look forward to it. And my mile time was much quicker than expected. Not bragging, just saying, if you are having a hard time with exercise, keep pushing yourself, you can do it!
  4. My sweet friend Haily, gave me a "style award". I feel all special inside!...even though I look down and I am wearing stretch pants and a hoodie...hmmm. Haily is one of those people where you meet her and you're like: "is this girl for real??" And yes, she is, she is that sweet and pretty, and happy in real life.
  5. For the next little while Chad has weekends off. I forgot what that is like, not going to church alone, and the whole actually knowing when it's a weekend thing. I'm a fan.
  6. My sister and brother (his first semester!) are at BYU-Idaho now, I got a text from my brother saying: "Hanging out with hot girls ALL DA TIME". If you know my brother, you understand how awesome this text was.
  7. Lily is THREE at the end of the month. Whaaaa? Other people have three year olds. I don't. When and how did this happen? You bet I have a rad birthday party planned:)
That's all. Hope you enjoyed my very random, somewhat boring, and long list.


Chelsea Finn said...

aw this is such a sweet post. I hope your weekend is going well and everyone isnt so sick! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Haley said...

you are too sweet Rachel :) You really should know that you are stylish! And dang crafty too!...your skirts, hair clips, flowers, 'em all :)

Yay for Chad being home on the weekends! And your airplane watching family night sounds a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

AND I'm so excited to see what plans you have for Lily's bday!! tres anos :)