Saturday, January 15, 2011

shredding solo

Do you see the state of my house?
It was clean yesterday, I mean reeeally clean. Promise!
Today is the day where Eden is only not-crying when I am making a fool of myself.
(Yay molars!)
Which I am totally fine with. I don't like being too cool.
Definite benefit of having kids? They remind you that you really are a kid still, just trying to play off being a grown up.
Like, you know you want to play shredding solo on the baby guitar to the white stripes, but sometime you refrain.
Eden is not letting me, and its nice.

Today is a good day, I may still feel not quite 100%, but we have a date tonight with an old high school friend and I made some brownies.  See, told ya, good.

1 comment:

Haley said...

You get down with your bad self on that baby guitar! Love it rach :) and I'm toooootally playing the whole pretend-to-be-grownup game. Hope you have a fun date night!