Monday, January 17, 2011

closing my eyes.

I have a list of "things to do today" but for some reason I am just sitting here reading old posts on my blog and looking at old pictures in iphoto.
I found these:

I loved our little bungalow on Maple Ave. Living there felt like a dream.
Things were so good in that 90 year old house, great friends across the back ally from us, we rode our bikes everywhere, we picked raspberries in our back yard whenever we wanted a snack and pushed Lils on a homemade swing we made between two trees, our neighbors were perfect. And Tif, I really miss going to E-Z Orchard with you and getting treats with the girls. Really such a magical time in our lives.

And things are so good here across the nation, too.

There really isnt a point to this post, I just miss our little dream summer we had last year. I miss the sun. I close my eyes and pretend that we are all outside running around barefoot and we smell like sunscreen. 


Erin_C said...

amen to missing the sun! i have a slimey baby now, and today's high is 20 degrees. boo.

I got my prizes! you made so many! i love love love them all. thanks so much! i wore the gray one in my hair to church yesterday and got so many compliments. haha.

Megan Marie said...

that was a dream summer, for sure. another one's ahead, i do believe.