Monday, February 21, 2011

monday favorites

So I was going to do this thing called "Friday Favorites", where I share some links of some of my favorite posts from the week. Um. I forgot. How about Monday Favorites?
(sock puppet kiss.)
Ok, heres wes go. A few favorites...
  • One of my best friends/college roommates, her little sis has the most beautiful voice ever. Typically she never ever ever sings in front of people, man I am glad she braved up. Watch her her sing HERE. Haily, I honestly got teary-eyed. 
  • I'm not huge into fashion, but I saw these pictures and fell in love, and wished I could have gone to the Jonathan Saunders Fall 2011 show. HERE.
  • I read this very sweet post and it made me very happy. HERE. Love is beautiful.
  • This closet bedroom probably has Harry Potter kicking himself for not thinking of this. I want this. Bad. HERE.
  • Really cool blog from Switzerland, she takes really beautiful pictures and is now selling them, HERE. I want them ALL! Really.
  • One of my biggest blog crushes shared her birth story HERE. I always get emotional in birth stories. I know, I'm a softy. And have you seen her "WHAT WE WORE" posts? I mean really. So rad.
  • Cellos that rock. HERE. Reeeeeeeally makes me miss playing.
  • I'm usually not a fan of "D on D" (denim on denim) but I really like this outfit. And I really want those jeans. HERE.
  • I like her insight. Like always. HERE.
  • Caroline has the prettiest jewelry. So pretty and simple and I want them all. I really like THIS ONE, and THIS ONE, and THIS birthday is in a couple days....anyone want to get me one? (me smiling, batting eye-lashes, with shoulders shrugged)
  • I love how she writes. I really liked this post. HERE.
  • Most beautiful interior ever. HERE.

Well, I could have gone on and on. But I didn't. Just kind of did.
Next week, I'll have a new batch of favorites.
If you post something awesome, let me know, so we can all love it.


Haley said...

loved seeing the fun links you found last week :) keep up these friday/monday favorites! here are my favorite's of your favorites :)
1- Heather's sister's voice is totally stellar :)
2 - The built-in bunk beds in that closet are awe-some. and was that pipe-cleaners she used to make the work "beautiful"??...brilliant!
3 - I found Bleubird through Naomi's blog Rock Star Diaries...and I fell in love with her story...birth is such a beautiful miracle :)

Happy monday rach!

Unknown said...

Rachel, you are awesome! Thank you so so so much for the compliment, it means a lot. :)

P.S. I love your blog. I've been stalking it for a while...

k said...

awwwwww you are so sweet to mention me!!! <3 I'm excited to check out some of these others because OBVIOUSLY you have good taste ;)

Jen Herem said...

just found your blog via a few other blogs i stalk. love it.

jen herem