Thursday, February 3, 2011

thursday top 8

Top reasons I am pumped it's Thursday:
  1. Today is Chad's friday! = our weekend starts at 4:30pm today! I reeeealllly like hanging out with that guy.
  2. I have some sewing projects to start and finish that I am real excited about.
  3. Chad and I are going to attempt changing the blog lay-out around. I need him because I am so not HTML/computer-in-general savvy and I would probably have a melt down and run away if I tried to figure it out myself (it's happened before). So patience if the blog is funky for a few days, k?
  4. Going for a long run. I know, crazy right? But I'm at the point of running where I really look forward to it during the day.
  5. Cooking something awesome with Chad. Valentine cookies?! If we cant get a date in during the week, cooking for us counts as one. 
  6. Making valentines with my kids, for our families.
  7. Chad's pancakes in the morning. When he really loves me, he makes pumpkin ones...hint hint.
  8. The fact that Lily just told me: "Mommy, I'm gunna change the world".
Ps- this post took over two hours to publish. No joke. Crazy kids.

1 comment:

Haley said...

Amen to TGIThursday!!! :) I think we'll follow your lead and make some Valentine's for the grandparents with Brooks (his handprints will be his contribution). You should post what you guys create...I know it'll be nothing less than fantastically creative :)