Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine hug

We happen to live across the country from both sets of grandparents. 
And it's no secret that they are not fans of that fact.
So today we made them a Valentine hug.
(If you happen to be a grandparent of Lily and Eden, sorry for spoiling your surprise)
And that hug folded up and fit into a normal envelope with one little stamp.
Need paper? Here's a cheap trick to get some.

ps- SO doing this hair style tomorrow.
pss- My friend April's post made me happy. And she totally proves that you can be a wife, and mother of 4 boys (under 5!) and still be hot.


April said...

Ahhh, thanks Rachel, that is a really nice compliment especially coming from you. You are a great example of a woman of faith who seems to know how to balance everything in your life very beautifully.

I love the paper idea but I'm kind of nervous about showing up at the Bellingham Herald asking for free paper. Are you sure they give away the end rolls?!

Diana Smith said...

That is soo sweet that you are doing that for your parents! I love the idea!

{jane} said...

ummmm, this-whole-typical-tuesday-thing rocks. {i'm a friend of jess by the way, nice to meet you!}i totally wanna submit one. omword, my tuesdays are insane... i'm exhausted just thinking about photographing it but it would be so fun.

love your blog - adorable style.

keep it up girl!

{jane} said...


the valentine hug:

totally rad.

Megan Marie said...

cute idea!!!!! and i love the hairstyle link. stupid me for cutting my hairrrrrrrrrr.

k said...

that is SUCH a cute idea!!!

Emma said...

Hey is at our butcher paper? JK :). Cute hair- that's when I wish I didn't have short hair!

Rachel said...

aw, valentine's hugs you can mail! that's so awesome! and love love that ponytail - definitely need to learn how to do that.

Haley said...

Okay...this post is overflowing with creative cuteness!

I mentioned this AWESOME idea over at my place :) Seriously love it!! Can't wait to do it next year, when Brooks will lay down still for more than 0.5 seconds ;)

Jo said...

I love the hug idea...this could have serious potential at our house (where arts and crafts rank somewhere between chores and eating brussels sprouts)! I even had to laugh because we have a roll of paper I've been lugging round since living in Idaho Falls!