Wednesday, February 9, 2011

typical tuesday: Jess

This Tuesday's subject is the famous photographer Jessica Kettle. No big deal, but she's totally my cousin. When we were little we lived a few houses down from each other, live'n the dream. Dress-ups, pretending, and bossing each other around probably. Now we are trying to figure out how we can be neighbors, so her little ones can come over to my house and I will stuff them full of high fructose corn syrup just like my mom did to her.

What's awesome about this is I just gave her my password and stuff so she can post herself! So if you get any weird emails from me or if there are cuss words on my blog, it wasn't me.

Any ways, take it away Jess!

on a typical tuesday...

we all wake up in the same bed.
[how does that always happen anyway?]
and stay there longer than we should!
because we like slow mornings.

we finally fold the mountain of laundry (and i do mean MOUNTAIN) that was waiting for us.
at the same time, we play laundry monster.
it's a good game.
we try to include lucy,
but max is really the best monster.
i mean look at him, so monster-y.

tuesday is my work from home day, so that means tomi (our nanny/friend/lifesaver) and addy (her daughter/max's PIC) come to play!
addy holds me hostage with a cap gun, they dump out toys, watch dispicable me,
and make a fort.
which quickly becomes max the tiger's lair.

lucy and i work. 
reeeeeeal hard. 

[this is the part where you look at the funny photo booth pictures and realize that rachel and i really are related. hehe. there is one where i think we look lots alike. see it?]

... but i finish a wedding and a birth. 
[patting myself on the back]

lulu and i also sneak out for lunch with a friend. that's lucky for us. 

i get home and walk past max's room.
his bed was never made. 
decide to skip it because after all, he's just going to get back in it in a few hours!

max and lu take a bath together,
and lu splashes max, 
and max splashes lu.
they think they are very funny indeed!

max eats dinner:
a burrito with chicken, peppers + mushrooms
mom eats dinner:
a few bites of max's burrito and lots of pretzels and little dove chocolates [woops].
lu eats dinner:

danny works late:
did danny eat dinner? oh dear.

babies go to bed, 
we stay up and party! 
and forget to take any more pictures. sorry!

the end.

well, sorry my tuesday was just that,
so very typical!

what do you do on tuesdays?

--if you want to share a typical tuesday with us, email me k? we have had some pretty rad people so far and more to come!


Carly said...

oh i love these. and JESS! HOLY CRAP! you are so pretty, you look so dang good.
i loved every last picture and now i KNOW its time for another visit... right?! :) about time we got our girlies together. :)

Anonymous said...

shut the front door. i have long been a lover of jess. she is simply ... amazing. and this post was nothing short of that. and wowwy wow i love your blog. so happy to have found it. :> here's to another fun day of playing house. thank you :>

restlessrisa said...

I love it, and love those cute little faces, oh, and of course Jess's face ;). What a fun Tuesday. Can I come play some time?



Isaac & Meg said...

Jess, I love these pictures! What a fun family!

Megan :)

House of Smiths said...

LOVE you Jess, and LOVE all your photos :)
Thanks for bringing us along in on your Tuesday.
So fun to see what you do in a day.

Laci said...

Love It! What a cute post :)

Haley said...

Jessica's tuesday with her adorable kiddos looked better than perfect :) And those! Little monster max, what a stud! (loved his bedding by the way) And that lovely Lu!!! Oh and waking up all together for a sweet, slow morning with daddy...loved it. Thanks for letting us peak on your adorable family!

** loved the feature Rach! Sign me up :) even though my photos will be nothing like her's...woot woot for phone pics ;)

Unknown said...

So fun. I love all the pretty picture... as always!

Kurt and Jobrina Hofleit said...

Oh my goodness, seriously just the cutest family ever!!!! I've followed Jessica's photography for such a long time and I loved getting to see how her and her kiddos play house....super adorable!!! And glad to have come upon your blog!!! ;-)

Laura said...

I'm loving the typical tuesdays!! :) great idea

April said...

I love Jessica's photography too, I am addicted to her photos. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. By the way Jessica if you're reading this, I love your blog it's my need to blog more often.

Mallory Renee said...

I love your blog. But you already knew that. I just had to say it again. Love the Typical Tues idea. And I miss you.

Mallory Renee said...

PS-If you need someone to contribute to the "Tuesdays" I am totally down.