Thursday, March 10, 2011


There are many reasons why I like being around Chad,
one of them is that no matter where we are, how bad the weather or traffic is, he pulls over and helps the person out with car trouble. If karma is real, I'm sticking close to this dude.


amber york said...

Lance does the same thing. Men like that are heroes!

Jeremy Saunders said...

Aw, what a man. Yes, I believe in karma.
I am slowly dejunking and packing a little at a time, it's weird moving to the next street, I don't really feel like packing, I feel like just throwing everything in the car as is!:) But because our house is much smaller, I am dejunking like crazy and it feels so good!
By the way, the short skirts? They have gotten ridiculously shorter this year, I mean like barely covering the booty, and even not covering. It's embarrassing!

Diana Smith said...

what an awesome guy you have! My guy always says we should probably stop haha but I am like oh no we need to go here blah blah blah I need to be better!

k said...

that is super sweet of him, mark is the same way!! we have good ones =)

Haley said...

that doesn't surprise me one bit! You two both have such BIG hearts :) and i'm all about karma