Tuesday, March 1, 2011

typical tuesday: Erin

Today's typical tuesday is from one of my sweet e-friends, Erin.
She lives down under, and someday, hopefully she will show me around her town???
Here ya go!

Hi my name is Erin and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. Here is a typical tuesday for moi.....
 turn on Sunrise morning program to get the weather. 28C today and sunny. awesome
 normally I'd ride my bike in to work but we stayed up late last night
 breakfast of homemade museli and vanilla yoghurt
on the bus to work...this particular bus route runs on it's own tracks, much like a train has it's own tracks, pretty awesome for a small city like Adelaide!
I work at a travel agency in the city, this is the view from my desk, I've been here for 6 years, it's (mostly) a fun job!
see, this is me working at my desk, booking holidays for people!
  work is done, now driving to the shops to buy food for the week
 you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their shopping trolley
 cooking - tonight is garlic prawns with rice (seafood is a treat!)
 we usually eat at the table......
 an episode or two of Bones...we're loving the 5th season at the moment

 a bit of Photoshop work on some photos I took of my friend Kat
Thanks! Hope you enjoyed my typical Tuesday!


Ok, isn't she so adorable? Also, I'll say it again. I want to go visit.
Erin's photography site HERE.
G'day mates!

Want to do a typical tuesday? Email me, ok?


Becca said...

oh that was so fun to see the differences in just the little things like the food she has. loved it!

Erin_C said...

i will now be referring to my shopping cart as a "shopping trolley". fabulous.

Diana Smith said...

fun, love looking into peoples lives especially exotic places!! I was going to ask you, are you going to Dawn's wedding in May? We are! It would be fun to meet!

k said...

she's way cute!!

Megan Marie said...

really cute!!!!

Haley said...

I love that she'd ride a bike to work! Being green & healthy :) But the bus has got to offer some good people watching ;) And garlic prawns, YUM. Thanks for sharing your day Erin!

PS - trolley. love.it.