Tuesday, March 15, 2011

typical tuesday: Krystal from Village!

So we are lucky to have a double delight of typical tuesday!
Here is one of my sweetest e-friends Krystal. Months ago she left a comment on my blog, I found out she was living in Switzerland and immediately emailed her asking her a million questions about living in Europe (cause we have a goal of moving there in the future). She was not only sweet enough to email back, but she gave me so much great advice and encouragement. She really is so sweet. Oh and her blog? So awesome. She finds the coolest/stylish/ unique/creative finds and shares them with us all. 
Enough of me, here's Krystal!:

When Rachel checked to see if I wanted to do typical Tuesdays, I was like, no way - mine are so so boring. But then I it sounded fun so I still did it...and put it together, and it's still boring, haha! If you had gotten last Tuesday, though, you would have seen pictures of Fasnacht here! (carnival). Here's my typical Tuesday =)

1-4) There are so many train and scenic pictures because I spend 4 hours on trains and buses (only on Mon & Tues). I read the 20 Minutes paper, I read, I listen to my iPod, but mostly - I watch the scenery pass by as it's always beautiful. The sunlight on the snow peaked mountains is my favorite. #3 is waiting at the train station in Luzern :)

5-6) The classroom where I'm a Learning Assistant at an International School a few days per weel.

7) When I finally get home - I workout - either going for a run or getting kicked around by Jillian Michaels.

8) Blogging! Obviously!

9) The sun setting on mountains visible from our doorstep

10) Luzernnnnn

11) Dinner with this mug (mark)...and a beer. Tuesday is my Friday!

12) I try to read before going to sleep, but it turns in to serious cuddle time with Bama!

So not totally glamorous! Thanks for having me, Rachel :)

Thanks so much Krystal! 
If you want to share a typical tuesday with us, email me k?


Miriam Lusk said...

I don't know... from where I am sitting in Idaho.. your life seems pretty darn glamorous. hah

k said...

Thanks so much!!! sorry for the late email, haha :) and thank you for your kind words!!!

Kelly Leigh said...

Krystal this is so cute. I didn't know you were a learning assistant! How fun! and snuggles with puppies are the best!

Annie said...

This is such a fun post! Really makes me want to visit Luzern!

modanista junkie said...

It looks amazing. Now I want to go there. :)