Saturday, April 30, 2011

a few saturday snapshots+a cheap mom trick

Saturdays are like any other day in our house. Chad wakes up around 5 am, hops on his bike and is off to work. We ladies sleep for little while longer and start our day. I decided to document some of our Saturday:

The girls eat, get down from their chairs and enter the kitchen as "PUPPIESSSSSS!!!!!"
 I feed them "puppy food" aka cheerios while I make two slices of french toast for me and myself.
 All the while Jack Johnson pandora is work'n it while we do all this and "getreddytago" as Lils says. This means, getting snacks and sippies ready for our first adventure, mommy getting her running clothes on, and the girls getting more clothes on.
 First off, I must say, the South in the spring in celestial. No other way of saying it. It smells amazing, it's the perfect temperature (70's-80's daily) with always a light breeze, just the right about of humidity, very few bugs, and the birds are really musical, peonies are in full bloom and everything is exploding in green leafy goodness. Seriously, you gotta experience this for yourself. 
Anywho, we ladies go for a few mile run, and half way we make it to a park and get nice and sweaty.
 Eden falls asleep in the stroller on the way home, Lily and I watch Ducktales and Rescue Rangers on youtube while eating lunch.
Eden wakes up extra spicy, she gets fed and then its off for adventure numba two.
Today our second adventure is filling our baskets with rocks, sticks and any other yard debris to throw off a near by bridge. Logically.
Note: I am still sweaty, in my running clothes, I keep my lens cap and phone in my sports bra. Consider yourself fairly warned next time you ask to use my phone.

 Both girls are HUGE fans. In fact, lets call this a Cheap Mom Trick shall we???
After our baskets are empty, we walk over to "our" park.
Our park has a sand volley ball pit, aka huge sandbox. We kick off our shoes and play in the warm sand until Lily claims she is: "allll sweaty" and we trek it back home in time for Chad to get home and then we tackle him. And eventually we make and eat way too much pizza.

And that my friends, in a Saturday for us.


Shani said...

Aili likes to eat off the floor like a dog, too. And play "pooh sticks." Not sure why we call it that...But throwing sticks off a bridge and watching them "race" is always good times!

Megan Marie said...

matt and are are so jealous of the lovely weather! we are both sitting here wishing we could come for a visit and escape the rain. :)

Traci said...

We LOVE the spring here as well! It's absolutely perfect.

Haley K said...

loved all the pics rach :) an AWESOME saturday indeed