Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yesterday, I decided to ignore feeling pukey and constantly insanely-tired.
I was sick of it. And I know my kids were too. Too much of me laying on the couch and them in front of our lap top watching a movie, or me just being lazy and watching them play outside while I just sat there. I hate being that kind of mom. So I decided I was done with it.

I tried to make our life more normal again. We woke up, I made breakfast for real, not just cereal. 
We packed up our snacks and walked a mile or so to our favorite park, met with friends and played for a long time. All the while we were talking, I was showing them the peonies that were in bloom, Lily showing me the airplane in the sky and Eden squealing at the squirrels chasing each other.
It was like I just remembered how fun it was being their mom.
 We came home and sat together and had a feast on left-overs. Timing worked out well and we got to take naps together. Lily in bed with me. It felt really good to have things somewhat back to normal again. I'm keeping it this way, well, to my best of abilities.

Remember that video NieNie did, "my new life"? Remember the part when she talks about the the little tappings from her spirit to her heart? I feel like I have had a few of those lately. 
Just little whispers that remind you how sweet you have it. Those tappings come from the simple things I think. How sweet my Lily's little snore is when she sound asleep next to me, how she wakes up so excited to see me, and usually really sweaty. How my sweet little Eden is so curious and persistent, and how she gives the best kisses. How Chad tells me specific things he appreciates about me, and how he is totally willing to get me food that I crave or to cook for the kids cause I really can't. How I have a little black and white picture of a little gummy bear up on my fridge. And how its cloudy, cool and windy outside right now. 
I really do have it so good.


Emma said...

Good job ignoring the pukiness- although I know it's probably easier said than done! Keep enjoying this weather because it's amazing- I LOVE IT. I talked to my dad yesterday and he said it was snowing in Utah- yikes. I forget that it's only April and it still does that..snow, that is.

April said...

I love this. You are such a sweet mom to act when you feel those "tappings" especially when it is the very hardest. Your girls are very lucky, I can't wait to find out what you will be having this pregnancy.
I really hope you start feeling better soon, I know how hard it is to just function when you feel so horrible. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

love this. it is always amazing me to me how such seemingly small and simple things can bring pure, everlasting joy.

may the force be with you - to feel well, back to your normal and enjoy all the moments in between.

it's good to have it good eh? and even better to remember that. thank you for this post.

Megan Marie said...

love it. i want to be like you.

Kelsey said...

oh, Rach reading about you being sick and prego is a good reminder for me to stick with 2 kids for now!

Good job on pushing through, but remember your kids will not be scarred for life if they watch some extra tv for next few months and eat lots of dry cereal. :)

You are an awesome mom and you always inspire me to be better.

And btw, congrats on being prego!

Catherine said...

love this post!! :) thanks for inspiring me to find the "tappings" in my life today. they truly do happen everyday and just when you need just have to consciously be looking for them, which can be the hardest part. you are awesome. i hope you start to feel better and the nausea starts to go away soon!