Thursday, April 28, 2011

Screaming in the rain

About half way into my run it started to down pour.
We laughed and screamed and ran to our favorite park that happened to be close.

So now were just hanging out, waiting for it to let up a bit and throwing rocks into puddles.

This is the life.

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Diana Smith said...


Elise said...

Everytime I go to Bellingham I think of you...& get more & more jealous of your life.

Congrats on baby #3. What lucky kids to have you as a mama!

My brother lives in Mt. Vernon & so whenever I have downtime between work & adventures he gives me a job. This go around, I've been nannying for him while they adjust to their 6th baby. Within the next month I will be headed back to Maine for the summer. If you haven't been up there, you really ought to. It is beautiful in a similar way to Washington.

Good luck with the pregnancy & please blog when you can. I, along with many others, cling to your outlook on life and motherhood.