Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Are you the type of person that cleans like crazy when stressed?
I, am not.
I wish I was.
Whenever I am overwhelmed or stressed or lets face it, just crazy hormonal this happens. I get so caught up thinking about the things I am stressed about, and how messy the house is continually getting, that nothing gets done.

Lucky for me, I married a great man. The guy that holds me, tells me to go up stairs, lay down, and he cleans up. I would call his mom and tell her thank you for raising such a great son, but it would probably only result in incomprehensible high pitched squeaks and other weird noises and me sniffing my teary runny nose on the phone.
Gosh I am a lucky girl. And gosh am I a hormonal mess. And gosh am I excited for this baby to be out of me so the Rachel I like to be can come back.


Southern Belle said...

I wish I was a cleaner when I am stressed too... not me!! I only clean if people are coming over and then I am like, oh crap I have a lot of work to do!!! Sorry you are feeling crappy! I felt like that big time in the first trimester with Berk, but it totally went away 2nd and 3rd, so hopefully yours will too! I have the girls swimsuits here, sorry about that! Are you planning to come back soon or should I mail them to you?

Diana Smith said...

I am soo much like you! My house is a mess right now! I need to clean it but I am too stressed out...haha

Megan Marie said...

I did the same thing today! Matt came home to let me nap during the day and he cleaned the kitchen, just because. We are very fortunate women, I tell you (and I'd wish the same sweetness from a daddy for anyone else who is cooking a little person).

Gena said...

We are very lucky to have such good men. I am the exact same way as you. And fortunately, Spencer seems the exact same way as Chad in that regard! Hang in there!!

Krystal said...

aw, you are a lucky girl :) i'm sure he's a lucky guy to have you too!!

HandsomeRob said...

Hang in there Rachel it will be over soon! I'm not even pregnant and my house always looks TRASHED!

Alice said...

I am exactly the same way when I get stressed... even when I am not pregnant (like now with the move to AK... nothing is getting done). Your hubs sounds like mine though... so thankful for my MIL!