Tuesday, May 10, 2011

typical tuesday: Tiffany Reeder

Hola! Welcome to Tiffany's tuesday. We have never met in real life (yet!), but I do know she is so sweet, loves her family (her kids are so dang cute!) and she takes great pictures. Here we go!

i promise this might just be the most mundane typical day, tuesday ... ever. and i may be too ADD to have stuck with one actual tuesday to record. typical. but that's what this is...typical tuesday.


typically the first escapee joins my bed around 6:45 in the am, way to early for my taste. will is typically showering and getting ready for work at this point. but they sure do look yummy all cozied up. even at 7:30 - years of this and i am still not a morning person. but it's hard deny the joy a tender GOOD MORNINNNNGGGGG can bring your heart. 

 there is typically even more dust then shown...i think we live in a dust bowl out here...hold on i'm going to dust it while i'm thinking about it...done.
 typically right off the bat eth finds his favorite wheels of the day.
 typically luce is happy to have breakfast "baawwww, bawwww" granola bars.
 typically i don't really eat breakfast, but i had just recently taken my homemaker skills to a whole notha level and made...freezer jam. i think i had lots of breakfast this day.
 typically, always, we start our day with pandora. it looks like today was a day of musicals.
 typically we eat like hobbits, we as in the children, this is second breakfast. first breakfast was on my bed eating granola bars...forgot to capture that, but i'm sure you can imagine...
 now we typically check on the new sunflower starters we have going...
 kadence is in the lead here...but truth be known as i type, ethan is kicking her soil pot.
typically, kadence is starting one of her many, many art projects. here is alice and 'underland'
 typically i am starting a load of laundry that may take me a week to fold and put away...typical.  not this load though, it's a sure to get done today...harrison's bedding.
 typically these stairs get a lot of attention, up and down, down and up, up and down....
 typically our dog who is at at least fifty percent blind will growl, sratch and whine at the door, sure that one of our cats is out there, typically there is nothing.
 typically big brothers will protect what is sacred to them...like the "earn your bike sticker chart"
 and you can see why...once they have so many stickers, it's bike shopping we go. they get them for many things...it's hard to keep up...
woooo, doggy, these are vitamin c's. typically...
 miss tinker is onto her second project, a cardboard house for her people...
typically there are a few times when these imaginations run wild...
 typically i am not a short order cook, but we needed to use leftovers...since ethan didn't like either first time around he went with his safe choice...typical.
 be glad you can't hear our nap rap.
 bunch of fakers.
 and shmoozers.
 some wake up with a wicked case of bedhead and attitude.
 while the little ones sleep, this little lady does some school work.
 and she always has ideas of her own.
and every so often there are tender mercies, like when i see my little lucy, quietly reading a book on the stairs. yummy.
 typically we follow the rules when are out and about at the zoo...but it can be hard at times.

 typical. they are looking darling, naughty yet darling.
 typically when the lovely weather of south east idaho permits we are outside till the sun goes down.
we try new tricks on the slide, tummy races on the swings...and of course kadence pops into the shot to show me a her newest twirl.
typically the day ends the way it began...with a prayer. we prayed to endure and enjoy.
 we give thanks that we did.

good night tuesday, thanks for the typical joys and typical adventures. peed pants, scrapped knees, stolen toys, sneaking candies, spilled water cups, perfect organic giggles, sweet exchanges of love and support between siblings...and good morning wendesday. let's see what have you have to offer....

thank you darling rach for letting take a smidge of time on your super cute blog.

Thank you Tiff, you are awesome. The last picture kills me. 
Check out Tiff's blog HERE.
You wanna share a typical tuesday with us? Just email me k?


Southern Belle said...

love the line of the kids on their knees... so sweet!

Haley said...

a few things about this awesome post:
1 - i love the name kadence
2 - stellar table and chairs! love all the fun colors :)
3 - yay for zoo trips
4 - loved the sweet pictures of family prayer

Haley said...

PS - is there a link to her blog? :)

Rach said...

Haily- I just posted her blog link! Check her out, so cute.

Megan Marie said...

cute cute cute family!

Anonymous said...

well look how cute all these readers are. thank you for your kind words...and i love that you enjoy the table and chairs, i will be finishing the chairs shortly seeing how the snow is finally melted ovee here.

thanks again for the bloglove. :>