Saturday, May 21, 2011

my new ride

Ain't she sweet?
You know what makes her sweeter? Chad build the whole dang bike, just for me.
Chad has been volunteering at the Recylery here in Charlotte and while doing so, has been slowing making this for me. 
I went for my maiden voyage today, and I love it. He did such a great job.
Now we are trying to go on as many bike rides as possible before my tummy gets too big to pedal.

Yay for bikes!


AMY said...

Love your new bike! That is very very cool that he built it for you!
Makes it pretty special, I'd say.

I really LOVE your blog, I need to stop by more often.

Janice said...

Haylee will be sooooo jealous!

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

very sweet!

Megan Marie said...

I love it!!!! Matt built my bike for me, too, and it makes it all the better!