Sunday, May 22, 2011


Summer is here in the south. On the way home from church today it was 93 out. Hot.
A guy from Chad's work invited us out to his place, well, a camp ground by his place. The adventures included:
BBQ, being really sweaty, swatting flies, watermelon+spitting seeds at each other, fishing, getting real dirty, playing with worms, finding a huge snake, falling in the lake, peeing in the bushes. The girls were in heaven, any time they can get really dirty, eat hot dogs and play with bugs and be in the water, oh man, celestial. Needless to say, they crashed hard when we got back.

God bless the south, and true southeners. Sometimes when Don or Wendy would say something, I honestly just smiled and nodded, I honestly could not understand them. Oh, I love it.


Janice said...

93 really? And it's cloudy and off and on rain here. Maybe we should think of moving there:)

Diana Smith said...

I am kinda wishing we had that 93 degree weather, but maybe not!! We are just in 60's here and its always rainy!! Looks like so much fun!

Megan Marie said...

sooooo coool!!!! I am jealous!