Tuesday, June 21, 2011

typical tuesday: THE Carly Carlson

Hey folks. I know. I know. I might have been getting hate emails/texts/phone calls for not posting for soooo long. I'll be back for real with up dates soon, my pinky promises to you.
But for now, we have a typical tuesday with my friend Carly Carlson. She is a awesome photographer who I happened to be neighbors with back when we were wild and free and newly weds. She now lives in eastern OR, has an adorable little home, two cute girls, and a supportive husband. She has fun style, and is very creative. See for yourself:

Thanks for having me for a Typical Tuesday, Rachel!
On this particular Tuesday I (of course) had left my camera at my photography studio. So the first half of the day was shot with my phone. Apologies! :)

Wake up, get outta bed

Olive is sick today (and had a rough night), so I dose her up with Tylenol and call the doctor. 

Make breakfast for Stella
And for myself and Olive (She ate that whole bowl of applesauce! I got the walnuts and strawberries)
And Shem makes his own- a huge bowl of Cheerios with half an apple, a few strawberries, walnuts and whatever else he rummages on top. :)

Shem reads us the morning scripture out of the Book of Mormon
and then heads for work (he walks to work!)

I tackle a load of laundry and make all the beds

And run outside to check on the tomato plants and the herb pots

The girls are playing together really well these days, so I take advantage of a few quiet moments.

Then it's time to use the magic above

and take THIS...                                                                     to THIS...

My dad shows up and is disgruntled that I'm taking his photo.
All the more reason to include it.
He hangs out with Stella while I take Olive to the doctor.
(Yes I am seriously spoiled)

Then I run home to pick up some things before heading to the store.
Dad goes with us, so while Stella helps me shop and pick up Olive's prescription,
Papa let's Olive take the wheel in the car. 

When we get home Stella has a snack (Silk Soy Yogurt) while Olive gnaws on a cracker.
I quickly destroy the mess in the kitchen...

But apparently not quickly enough... Olive grabbed Stella's yogurt and bathed in it.
So she's on to outfit #2 (if you can call a onesie an outfit. And I do.)
Stella has painting time

and then does dress up with a tutu.
She sets up a picnic blanket in the living room because Dadda will be home for lunch soon.
As soon as the handsome hubs arrives for lunch he picks up Olive and she zonks out.
Shem and I eat heaping salads with strawberries craisins and nuts, toms on the side
And Stella eats an entire Boca burger

After Shem goes back to work, Olive stays napping... 

So Stella dons her Dora helmet and we head out to the backyard for a little Mama Stella time.

We play hard and Stel insists she needs to wash up in the sink.
Bubbles everywhere.

And she is on to outfit #2.

We head to my bed and read her exciting new bug book
full of facts and fun pop ups and pull outs and all kinds of features.
Its a favorite and we can't turn the page until all the straight-out-of-the-encyclopedia facts are read.
Riveting... :)

Stel doesn't really nap, but I ask her to stay on my bed and have quiet time. She stays for about 15 minutes

While she has quiet time I pay the bills.

Then Olive wakes up and has poo'd out her onesie. Onto outfit #3.

Her favorite thing is playing Peekaboo :)

Then we listen to Pandora on our Roku through the TV and have a dance party
(sadly I got no photos of the kids dancing so imagine a scene so cute your eyes melted)

Then we head out to the back yard and enjoy some sun

There's a gap in pics here but Shem runs home from work and then we have dinner.
Meatless BBQ "Wings" and salad (several servings!)
Fruit for dessert!

Then I help settle the girls and I head to my studio.

My brother and his wife Heather are there this particular evening working on some design projects.

While Heather works I teach Dylan about f/stops and shutter speed... he snaps this little ditty of yours truly.

I come home and use the laptop to check Facebook and blogs. (Yes... this is what happens when you let your toddler play with the macbook! Not advised... ...)

And Shem and I snuggle on the couch,
and watch Better off Ted.

Well... blogging it all out like that makes me realize just what a snoozer my Typical Tuesday was! :) BUT, I have to say how blessed I feel and how grateful I am that I documented this simple day in our lives. Thanks Rachel!!

Thanks Carly!
Be sure to check out Carly's site HERE.
Wanna share a typical tuesday with us all? Just email me, mmk?

ps, I wont ever get a tattoo...but if I did I would SO get mine done from this girl. Her abstract ones blow my mind.


Carly said...

Thanks for having me Rachel! It was really fun :)

Miriam Lusk said...

Love! CArly- I am so impressed at how healthy you eat! And your girls are to die for cute.

Mishali said...

i love your typical tuesday posts!! i agree that carly and her family eat super healthy, something i wish i was better at..

Mishali said...

ps: those tattoos are amazing!! thanks for sharing! :)