Tuesday, June 7, 2011

typical tuesday: Jenni Harrell

Hey-o. Today we have my friend Jenni sharing with us a typical tuesday. I have known Jenni actually, from middle school now that I think of it. Things I know about Jenni: she is smart, way good at basketball, has crazy awesome hair, married her high school sweet heart (Mark) and now lives in the land of sunshine: Arizona. I actually asked HER to do one, because I wanted to see a day in her life being the owner of her own coffee shop and being married and stuff since we haven't seen each other in so long:) Take it away Jenni!

Hey friends! Rachel and I went to high school together and keep in touch thanks to the awesome inter-web and the fact that I stalk her blog. When she asked me to do a “typical tuesday” post I was a little nervous because I am not a blogger and by no means a writer. I take all my pictures with my iPhone and I'm not even very good at that! But then I thought, well...why not! I'm a wife and a business owner - that's my life in a nutshell! I hope my Tuesday isn't too much of a snoozer!

Tuesday Morning's usually start at about 8:23am. We stayed up too late last night, so it's slow going and according to my face, I'm not a fan of what I see.
(The things I will do for a friends blog!)

Like Rachel, I prefer to make weird faces in the camera.

A shower does half the job of waking me up, coffee will finish the task later.
iPhone says high of 101* today, tank-top and shorts it is.
While Mark is (slowly) making his way out of bed and into the shower, I finish up a couple chores and start on breakfast. I've learned the tiniest mess makes a small house look like a disaster area!

Apple, orange, strawberry,
carrot, blackberry juice in the making
Rylie's been patiently waiting, so as soon as I'm done we head outside. I let her run around, do a little tinkle, she sniffs everything...and then sniffs some more. Once she has satisfied her sniffy cravings, we go back inside to get everyone breakfast.

Awe, she's so cute!
Eggs and juice are on the menu this morning.
After breakfast, at around 10ish we head out. I'm pretty lucky, I get to work with
my husband everyday!
It's a bonus that he's super cute too!
We arrive at our “office”... 4 minutes later. It's kind of silly to drive, and a lot of the time we do ride our bikes, but we wussed out this morning because of the 101 degree weather.
Our rad coffee shop! We spend most our time at this location, as our other
two locations are in the Phoenix area, which is about an 1.5 hrs from Tucson.
My day consists of replying to emails, sending emails, bookkeeping, system building, employee maintenance, meetings, a couple random errands, and of course lots and lots of coffee. Once my desk is set up, its time for my first cup!

I typically start off with a shot of espresso. I drink a lot of coffee, yes, but in my defense a lot of it is quality control. Well, I would say 45% is quality control and because of that 55% is pure addiction. It's clearly a chicken-or-egg situation. I won't bore you with the details but we take coffee really seriously, so making sure that the espresso tastes delicious is always a big deal in all of our shops. The best way to make sure that the Barista's are taking as much care as I would, is to have them make you coffee! So all that said, how could I not be addicted?!
Next up is a pour-over of our Santa Clara. Its from Guatemala and SUPER yummy. We brew all our coffee's one cup at a time. Just say NO to big batch brews! Mark made this one for me so it's even more tasty.

One of my favorite parts of Tuesday is my 1:00 meeting with Fred. He is an accountant that I hired to teach me about bookkeeping. He is prefect for the job, being a semi-retired CPA and he was also an accounting professor for 20 some odd years. He's very patient with me and is really good at explaining things in Jenni-terms. Oh, and he also has a completely unrelated/random story to tell me each week. I love story time!

After my meeting with The Fredster, I head out for a random errand. I have to pick up Chai Tea from Maya Tea Company here in Tucson and take it up to Phoenix with me tomorrow. Our roastery and warehouse are located in Phoenix so all of our products are stored up there.
The smell in here is pretty indescribable!

The view while I wait for our order.
It's about 2:30 now and I'm pretty hungry, so I have a cappuccino for lunch. (its my last drink, I promise!) But seriously, it's VERY typical of our day to skip lunch. Its a terrible habit, but it just happens.
More computer stuff happens for about the next 3 hours and at this point we are so hungry we can't see straight, so it's time to head home. The thought of waiting for me to figure out what to cook, than actually cooking it is horrible so we stop at Chipotle, Our go-to dinner on lunch-less days.

Full and Happy :-)
We arrive home at about 6:00 and Rylie is waiting to go get the mail (and do a tinkle of course).

She's so stinkin' cute.
The rest of the night looks like this...
We work more on our computers. Between leaving the shop and getting dinner I've received several more emails that needed tending to! A girls work is never done.
Brownies happen.
We wait until its fairly late (to avoid cars) and take Rylie outside to throw her ball. Its by far her favorite part of the day.

Sorry about the photo's, the iPhone struggles at night.
The not typical part of today is the fact that Mark is going out of town and I have company coming in town. Mark finishes packing, I do a bit more cleaning and at about 11:30 we FINALLY make our way to bed. Its early to rise the next day and it all begins again!

No, no. Thank YOU Jenni, I loved seeing into your day.
Wanna share a typical tuesday with us? Just email me, k?

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