Tuesday, July 19, 2011

typical tuesday: Sara Wright

Sorry this is so stink'n late! its been quite the process...needed to buy a new chargers for the macbook, and yeah. Any way, here we are!
One of my friends from middle school and high school is here to show us a typical tuesday for her. Sara is probably one the sweetest people out there. I have lots of memories of her making me laugh so hard I cried, walking to Haggens, and so many inside jokes. Now she is all married and stuff. Weird how we grow up. She is a hair dresser, and has two adorable dogs. Take it away Sara!

Hi friends of Rachel! I’m so excited about this typical Tuesday I love Rachel’s blog and her cute fam and pretty much everything about her!! I am a newlywed, I live in the small town of Gold Bar with my husband and I just started a new job. 
Our wedding day! Joe works for the railroad so he isn’t home during the week. He leaves Sunday evenings and gets home on Friday nights. Typically I’m the only one home on Tuesdays!
The dogs eat first thing every day. They know the second they hear me move that it’s breakfast time.
He’s just too cute. His name is Tucker.
Coffee for me. I never ever made coffee at home until we got a coffee pot and grinder as a wedding gift. It was my first one! 
I hate unloading the dishwasher. I like when Joe helps but he never puts anything in the right place!
Favorite part of Tuesday mornings! I loved seeing Mallory’s day a couple weeks ago. Her daughter is so sweet.
Hair curled and set. Sitting on the floor, it’s my favorite getting ready spot.
Final product! Ready for work!
Joe always puts the recycling out on Sunday’s before he leaves for work so I don’t forget. What a nice guy. 
Busy day for me at the salon! I wasn’t really looking for a job but it just seemed so perfect I couldn’t say no. An old co-worker told me about the job and I’m so glad. I’ve been doing hair at home for the last year and a half and it’s great to be in a salon again!
My Chair. 
Lunch from the gluten free bakery that just opened up a couple minutes away from the salon. Turkey sandwich and salad.
After a full day of work I come home to these cute faces.
Fruit for dinner. It’s too hot to make anything else. There’s a cherry stand on the highway just a few minutes from our house!
I can’t get enough words with friends. Of course this is the one time that I’m losing 
Craft project tonight: Shirt making for the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Concert. It's nice to have a friend that feels the same way. I’m totally ok with still being a major BSB fan. Some things just don’t change.
We’re going to look so cool!
I catch up on my shows. I just love TV. I can’t help it. Tonight is Secret Life of the American Teenager.
My favorite thing in the whole world. Pinterest. I could look at it alllll day if I had time.

You’re the best Rach, thanks for having me!

Thank you Sara! It was so fun to see into your day.
Want to share a typical tuesday with us? Just email me, k?


k said...

interesting day! i love sitting down to get ready too, haha :)

Mallory Renee said...

Svan! Miss you and I love your post, good to see what you're up to!

Celeste said...

so jealous of her gorg dogs!