Saturday, August 27, 2011


After Chad came home from his morning run (oh, you know, just 14 miles) we walked over to the farmer's market down our little street, on a mission: crepes. 
Crepes from the french guy (Brittany, France, I asked him), in the crepe mobile. 
Yes. It was a 45 minute wait.

But sooooooo worth it.
We sat down on the court house steps and enjoyed our salted carmel (mine) and a cinnamon+sugar (girls) crepes. And I have to say, well worth the wait.
Next time, I'm saving my pennies and buying three just for me. 
Think I'll get the bananas foster, dark chocolate+carmel, and maybe throw in a savory one with goat cheese. 

And now I want to visit France even more.


Haley K said...

yum YUM! glad you guy enjoyed a fun sweet on your saturday! your choices, and the next three you plan on, sound delish. and 14, i didn't know chad was half human half super man :)

HandsomeRob said...

Mmmm, sounds perfect right now, I love crepes.

Carly said...

shem's long morning runs make me sick, too! glad to hear you can sympathize :)

yum for crepes. you should try making the vegan ones in veganomicon (can probably google the recipe, but that book is one of my faves so it's worth buying if you want!)

.caroline armelle. said...

oh man. those look amazing! i'd easily wait that long too for that!

my dad is from brittany france, and they really know how to make crepes, that is where they were invented!

and, the goat cheese one? that sounds amazing!