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typical tuesday: Laura Novack

Hey tuesday-ers. Today one of my new e-friends is sharing a typical tuesday with us, she did her own little intro so I'll spare you mine:) Take it away Laura!:

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be featured on Rachel's blog :) I LOVE reading the Typical Tuesday posts, to see into the lives of others. I snapped a bunch of pictures, and recorded some things down so I can share a pretty usual day of mine with you. My name is Laura. I am lucky to stay at home with my two kiddos, Logan (4) and Emily (17 months), and am happily married to the love of my life Adam. This is about as interesting as it gets, unless it's a Holiday. Hope you enjoy!

I first wake up at about 5am, when I hear my daughter crying in the other room. I go in to change her diaper, and put her binky in her mouth. She rolls over to go back to sleep, and I go plop my tired self back into bed. Before I know it it's 6:45am, and i'm lying awake, talking with my husband about the day ahead of us. I give him a kiss, kneel by the bed for prayer, throw on some clothes, and go wake Logan up for pre school. I sit Logan down for breakfast (raisin bran), feed the cat and dog, and begin packing my husbands lunch. Emily is up now too. We have prayer together as a family, and then hug and kiss daddy good bye before he heads off to work! :) I do my makeup in the bathroom while Logan does his business (TMI, I know) only to realize Emily is working on something in her bedroom too. PEEEE YEW. I put the air purifier in there and sprayed some Febreeze. The kids are now dressed, I gave Logan his vitamin, watched him brush his teeth, and have all his things ready for school. By the time I made Emily's eggs, I realized I haven't taken any pictures yet. So I do.
We then wait outside for the school bus. Daddy was able to come back home for a minute to see Logan go off in the school bus, and give Emily and I another kiss. Not sure what happened to the adorable picture I took of him an Emily, but there was one. Oh and he also took that trash with the smelly diaper too;) He's a great husband.
Bye bye Logan! Be good at school! Love you :)
Now it is just me and Emily!!
We head out to meet my friend and her two younger daughters at IHOP, kind of like a celebratory breakfast for school starting, and seeing what it's like to hang out with 3 kids instead of 7 :)
This little air freshener in my car brightens my day bc it smells really good. I thought it smelled like strawberry jello today when we got in the car.
This was my delicious breakfast that Em and I shared. I always especially enjoy food that I don't have to cook myself. What a treat!
Then we go home for Emily's nap. Night night, sweetie :)
Time for me to do some cleaning up. This picture below is Logans messy room. Emily loves to take things out of drawers and carry it around the house, so most of the mess in here is from her. It doesn't take long for me to pick it up.
Ta Daaaa!
Now to check on Emily. Yep. She's out ;)
I made my bed and folded some clothes in my room while listening to Josh Groban... I love his music, and it's really nice to clean to. I also throw on some work out clothes, start a load of laundry, and work out.
This is my favorite work out DVD ever!! I love it. Feels really good, and works.
Me afterwards: i'm actually really sweaty.
So I take a quick shower, get dressed, and re apply my make up. Man I hope I am not boring you to death.
I have about an hour before Logan gets home, so I grab a large glass of water, and sit in front of the computer. I know my alone time goes by really fast from here. Once i'm done checking all my stuff, I turn the computer off, and switch the laundry. I attempt to start meal planning and creating a grocery list for tomorrows grocery shopping, but it just didn't work. It's hard to be food inspired when you know your getting 4 wisdom teeth removed the day after tomorrow.
Now I sit on the couch and read a while before he gets home. I'm really enjoying this book! Carrots N Cake is a book written by a real life food and excercise blogger.
Okay, fastforward a little bit. Logan is home now, and I make us lunch. Kids have a ham and cheese sandwich with grapes, and I eat tuna, a cheese stick, and a tangelo. It was goood!
Logan had a not so good day at school. It was his second day, and he's having a hard time adjusting. After a talk with his teacher, I decide it wouldn't be a good day to take him to two visiting teaching appointments with me, so I cancel those :( and he takes a nap for an hour.
The girl and I play downstairs and get those clothes folded and put away.
I overindulge in some chocolate,
and take the kids to play outside for a while once he wakes up.
Then come in to make our dinner. Potatoe Kielbasa. It's a meal a friend of mine brought to us after Emily was born, and it's been a favorite ever since. Really, really good.
I'm so proud of Logan for being so good now. He woke up from his nap in a great mood, and he played quietly at the table for 30 minutes while I made dinner. Amazing! He's so cute.
The finished product:
Logan of course wanted me to take a picture of his food too...
After cleaning up, we play downstairs again for a little while before daddy gets home from work. Today he got home early!
Typically, from here on is family time. I would usually heat my husbands dinner for him, give the kids a bath, and get them ready for bed. Tonight instead I head out with Emily, and leave Logan at home to spend time with his dad. They LOVE having MAN time :) SO, Emily and I get up and go. First thing that popped in my mind before leaving was a McDonalds ice cream cone.... go ahead, indulge a little more ;) It was good.
In case you're wondering where we went, there was a book I had on hold to buy from Barnes&Noble. and a coupon to get a free certain something at the mall. After we got home, Adam and I got the kids ready and in bed. What a day! Can I be done already?? No, my hair desperately needs to be washed. I take another shower, blowdry my hair, and finally settle down to spend time with my husband. We hang out a little, read our scriptures together, and soon fall asleep.

thanks Laura! You and your family are adorable. And now all I can think about is ice cream.
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