Sunday, August 14, 2011

"dry dry dry!"

Lily has officially been "dry dry dry!" every night for almost two weeks.
which means, she got new shoes.
Just in time for school to start (in a week??!!!!!).
...and the answer to your question: Target. The answer is always Target.
(and yes, they DO have one in the land of Walmart.)


Laura said...

I love the new lay out!! and congrats on being dry dry dry through the night, that's great! :)

Brandon and Jennifer said...

I too love the new layout PLUS I can't wait to buy cute shoes for a GIRL!!!!

Haley said...

yay for lils!! you go girl :) and lo-o-o-ove those leopard mary janes :)

Janice said...

she's starting school?! wait a minute, she's about the same age as Isaac. She's not 5 yet! phew, I was thinking I was losing my mind:)

Erin said...

wowzers such a stylish young lady, I should take some fashion tips from her!