Monday, August 15, 2011


Our family is not perfect. In fact, far from.
But we try hard. We are finally being good at reading scriptures everyday as a family.
It's usually before bed time. The girls pay attention to probably .00001% of it, but it's a habit now. In fact, if we forget, Lily reminds us.

There hasn't been a huge change in our family from doing this, but I like the way we feel when we do it, and the way our home feels. Reading things that are true, and that are good, do that.


Me and My Boys said...

There really needs to be a like button! Because I like this! That is all :) I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who don't pay %100 attention during scripture study!

Rachelle said...

wah! we are bad about scripture reading but we try. we are good at prayers. every time we say about 2 different ones, because my sweet 4 year old needs a turn.

its the fact that you're doing it that counts!!

Megan Marie said...

we just got back on the scripture wagon, too! we sing "scripture power" as loud as we can before and after having them each repeat a verse back to us. sometimes it's great. sometimes we're all grumpy and really ready for bed. but i know it will be a good thing for them.

i hope we can be consistent like you guys!

Laura said...

That's awesome :)! We haven't been good about reading them with our kids, but we should be! thanks for the inspiration