Tuesday, August 9, 2011

typical tuesday: Kimia Kline

Today Kimia, is sharing with us a typical tuesday with us. So pumped. Kimia is a very, very talented artist. Like, she is kinda a big deal. Her and her husband currently live in India, where she continues her art work, and her husband works in micro-finance. They enjoy the fresh mangos, and survive the crazy heat. Like, when I was complaining about it being over 100 here, it was 120 there....yikes. Any way, enjoy, I personally loved seeing what it was like across the world for a day.

4:00 am, Wake up to the sound of pigeons roosting in our window air conditioning unit. Get out of bed, bang on the ac, go back to bed. Try to fall asleep until about 7 am when the crows start kawing in unison and it becomes too loud to sleep.

9:00 am, Loose electricity. From 9-10 am everyday we loose all our power, so at this point it gets way too hot to stay in bed, and I'll get up and eat some breakfast (a mango).

10:00-11:00 am, This is when I'll start my business part of the day. Responding to emails, filling orders from the shop, blogging, etc. This is also when mosquitoes will start to hunt me, so everything takes longer because I'm constantly swatting them away. (*Note to readers: rubbing fresh ginger on mosquito bites is like magic and makes them stop itching instantly.)

12:00 pm, Lunch. Generally there is nothing to eat. I'll go to the store, look around expecting that maybe for some reason we will have strawberries or not rotten lettuce or meat available, but we're always stuck with the same 4 things: ocra, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots. We also have lots of onions. I've essentially tried every recipe and spice I've ever encountered on these veggies in hopes of not getting sick of them, but they're pretty much what I eat on the daily. Sometimes if I'm feeling particularly lazy, I'll make a pb & j.

1:00-7pm, This is usually when I'll get some painting done. If I want to do research at the library or visit a site pertaining to my artwork then this is also the time I'll do it.

To get around town I take auto rickshaws. We have 1 scooter and Kenny takes that to work, so I'm left walking or ricking (what we call taking rickshaws). This is a step up from riding the bus, but transportation here in general is difficult because of the a) extreme traffic, b) rotting smell of sewage, and c) air pollution that makes your eyes burn and your lungs stop working.

At around 8 pm Ken and I will cook some dinner together, usually involving the same 4 ingredients I ate for lunch plus tofu, and then watch a pirated movie on his laptop. "Bridesmaids" was the most recent one, and I hyperventilated from laughter.

11 pm, Check my email one last time, clean up dinner, maybe do some laundry, and get into bed because 4 am isn't far away, and the pigeons and crows are waiting.

Thank you Kimia! 
Be sure to check out Kimia's rad blog HERE.
AND all her beautiful work, in her SHOP.


Imaging Energy said...
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Kimia Kline said...

haha yay!!! thank you so much for your sweet intro and for asking me to do this post :) xoxox

Wendy said...

Kimia is such a sweet and cool chick! :) It doesn't sound easy nor does it sound like something I'd want to do forever but -wow- what an adventure!

hello. said...

loved tagging along + seeing what kimia's day is like! i'm going to have to try the ginger trick on mosquito bites too!