Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sister Sister Knutson

Today my little sister, Jenn, started her 18 month mission for our church.
Right now she is in Utah, at the Missionary Training Center. 
There she will be learning how to speak Thai, how to teach and how to be a missionary.

I'm getting emotional just thinking about it, I miss her stink'n guts already.
She's going to be so great. I am so proud of her.

She will have a blog, that my parents will up-date with letters and pictures from her mission while she is gone, it's empty now, but soon you can check it out HERE if you fancy.


Aariel said...

So, I'm a total blog stalker here, but! My baby brother is serving his mission in Thailand right now, so... our siblings are practically twins! ;) jk, but really. He's in love with the mission and people, so I'm sure your little sis will be too. Once she gets out there I'll have to have him keep an eye out for her!

Kelsey said...

I cannot believe that Jenn is on a mission! I will defiantely be checking out her mission blog.

Laura said...

How awesome :) and she is beautiful! feel bad for the elders ;)

Megan Marie said...

what a rad lady.

Jeremy Saunders said...

I loved these pics of her, Courtney did a great job, I can't believe little Jenn is going to Bangkok! What an amazing adventure lies ahead for both her and Scottie! Crazy!
PS I saw pics on FB, the elders were already googoo eyed over this new sista!

Julie said...

um, can you tell us WHERE she got her blazer from???? so cute!

Rach said...

Pretty positive her blazer is from Gap, I think I remember discussing it actually.