Tuesday, August 16, 2011

typical tuesday: Laura Lopez

Happy Tuesday! Here today is my friend Laura. I have actually known Laura for a while, we are both  from the NW Washington area, Chad actually went to high school with her. I remember going to a play at their high school and she was Maria in West Side Story (am I remembering correct Laura?) any way, she has an awesome voice. Now she is all married, has a great husband and three adorable kids.

Well when Rachel Begged me to do a Typical Tuesday, I could Hardly refuse....alright, alright, I sort of begged her if I could do it.

Our Typical Tuesday started out not so Typical. I  didn't go to bed till around midnight the night before only to wake up at 2am to our 3 yr old "Bibbit" saying he"spit up" only to find out that he had actually thrown up. He had had a fever the day before and we were lucky enough to have this follow (note sarcasm). Don't worry I saved you the graphic pictures... you're welcome!

Then Our little 8month old "Wonder Women" woke up bright and early at 5a.m. I knew it was going to be a great day! Luckily "Mac Daddy" didn't have to go into work until 9a.m. So he was kind enough to let me go back to bed for about an hour and he got the kids breakfast. I have no idea what they had, I didn't ask, he didn't tell (truth be told he usually makes pancakes). All I know is they were feed! What a Stud!

We then Proceeded to go and play outside. Since we moved to this house, our boy's have been out all day everyday. They can't get enough of the swings. Wonder Women even got a chance to try her's out. I don't think a little girl could adore her brother's more than she does and vice-a-versa.
While they played out in the back I watched them from the kitchen window, ate a quick tasty bowl of Granola and a banana and quickly checked my e-mail.
"Bibbit" having been up all night, Poor little guy conked out on the couch. While he slept "Wonder Women" woke up from her nap and helped me refresh "Biggest Boy's" memory on shapes and what happens when you mix primary colors, as well as enjoyed a little snack herself! Yumm green beans!
While London worked on his school work and Ellie enjoyed snacks I hopped in the shower.
Funny story about our shower. We moved into our house about a month ago and just recently found out that our "frosted" windows aren't quite as frosty as one would hope. Like our neighbors probably got to "know" me very well over the past few weeks, I mean you can see EVERYTHING from those windows. It was pretty exciting, I mean what a great way to get introduced into the neighborhood, right?  Here is our solution we came up with today. Open...Hello Light, Closed...Hello Privacy! Isn't "Mac Daddy" a genius!?! I was quite happy with the result!

So while I got ready for the day, Yup that's as good as it's going to get, "Biggest Boy" occupied "WsWonder Women" Man, that kid loves his little sister, they have such a fun time together. Today they were paddling away from the Crocs!
Only one break down today! But he was sick so you can't blame the little guy.
Anthony got home early from work and let me take a little rest, while they enjoyed some tasty Popsicle out back!
A quick trip to the grocery store. Big helpers with dinner, I think "Bibbit" ate more of that bacon than what ended up in the pasta salad. Our day isn't complete without the help from Pandora, I seriously don't know what I would do without that little beauty!
A quick clean up
Then on to one of our favorite family pass times, WIPE-OUT!!! It got moved to Tuesday nights. We usually are all in tears from laughing so hard. Nothing brings a family together like watching people get hurt right?
A little Scripture study.
Then I buckle down and do some serious studying/refreshing my memory on Water Areobics, I have to teach a class this Thursday and it's been 3yrs since I taught a class last.  Fingers crossed it goes alright!
Aside from the adventurous night we had that's a pretty typical Tuesday for these Rapscallions!

Thanks Rachel for A.)boring you to tears 2.)Making you a little queasy with my vomit story, and D.) Sharing my embarrassing Naked Story! :) Happy Tuesday!!!

Thanks Laura! 
Check out Laura's blog HERE.
Wanna share a typical tuesday with us? Please do. Just email me, k?

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Andrea said...

I was racking my brain trying to think of a "Laura Lopez" who went to FHS? Nope, there wasn't one!
Cute post!
Laura if you are reading this your haircut is super cute!