Thursday, September 29, 2011

3rd time around

I feel like I have come full circle in this pregnancy.
I'm back to being queasy, and exhausted like the first trimester.
Like, this morning I took the girls to the library and then the park...I came home and told Chad I just ran a marathon. And then ate bread with butter on it because that's the only thing in the whole dang house that sounded eatable. 
I have a feeling this girl is going to come early (yes still a girl, second ultrasound confirmed it!), I never thought that would happen but I think she will. I keep telling her: two weeks baby, then you can come. Give me at least two weeks to get ready and give you two more weeks to get nice and chunky (that's how we like our babies) and then you can come.

All my nesting projects are slowly getting closer finished.
We will re-arrange some rooms tonight and get her crib ready (!!!)
I wrote a list of things we need to pick up still: nursing pads, tiny diapers, clothes 0-6 months (we tossed our old ones out, Lily and Eden thoroughly trashed them=yay mustard poop!), go to Good Will and get some button-up shirts (best for nursing in! button up+leggings+boots+scarf=my uniform in about a month) and a few other little things.
I cant believe it's really time to do all this stuff. 
I feel a lot more confident this 3rd time around. With Lily I was freaking out about now: "How do I be a mom!?" with Eden: "How do I handle TWO KIDS?!" and this time around I'm not too worried. Yeah, it  won't be a walk in the park, but I know I can do it and also enjoy it. I am excited for this little one to come join our family.

Oh, and I asked Lily what baby's name will be and she said: "Baby Rapunzle".
I love you Baby Rapunzle!


.caroline armelle. said...

Wow! I can't believe it is so soon!

Sounds like you have everything under control!

I thought adjusting to two was harder than adjusting to three. Things already are crazy, what's one more kid, right?

You'll do great!

Nutrition in a Nutshell said...

Stumpled upon yoru blog and love it! You're so creative and so real! Going to follow you from my blog (have one at word press and just created a blogger account yesterday but have no idea how to use it!). In any case I've stored yours. Please look me up at if you have a chance.


And good luck with the birth if she does come early!