Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So, we did it! We drove all the way to Iowa, and back, this weekend. Yup 20+ hours of driving. And I won't lie, I am pretty sure my hips and pelvis will never be the same.
That's just what you do for Grandma Dolly.
My Grandma Dolly who spent some of her Jimmy Johnson winnings on me, to get me a sewing machine.
Yes sir, Grandma Dolly is hard core in to Nascar.
And she makes a pretty penny off of it now and then.
Last year Jimmy was "her" driver, and he treated her well. He paid for a new sewing machine for me, a new flat screen for her and several lunch dates with her girls friends.
So now I am on the hunt to get a #48 bumper sticker to slap on my sewing machine.

In other news, tomorrow I have a doc appointment, 31 weeks. 31 WEEKS.  How did that happen?? I can't believe it, she will be here so soon, I physically feel like I am 50 weeks, but still cant believe I'm already this far. 

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Haley K said...

loved this. your grandma dolly seems like a doll! no pun intended ;) and she used her winnings well! she gave you a gift that keeps on've created some stellar things with that sewing machine of yours :) glad you guys enjoyed your short but sweet trip!