Thursday, September 8, 2011

no extras.

I feel like I need to like, apologize for my lack of blogging, or laziness there-of?
Maybe not apologize, cause I'm actually not sorry, but maybe I feel like I need to explain? 
To be honest, if I have any down time, it is not spent on a dumb computer. And really, the only down time I have is when children are sleeping...and when they do that, I sleep too. I don't like being on the computer while they are awake, so we can actually have quality interaction, even if that means watching Dora on the lap top, we watch it together. I also have no motivation to do anything extra, and blogging is extra. So there you have it. 

So here are two random pictures from my phone:
 Monday morning, on our daily walk. The three miles basically kill me, but the girls love it, and its really starting to cool off here which makes me extremely happy indeed, especially pushing a double stroller up hills. Also, I'm huge.
Lily inherited a pink and white lemur stuffed toy. They are best friends. She took a nap in my bed the other day with me, and I walked in after she fell asleep, she tenderly had tucked in her lemur too. When I pick her up from school she says: "Mommy!!! Hi Mommy!!!...where's my lemur?" 

So thats life as of now. Tomorrow Chad and I are going on our first date, like, with no kids, in over a couple months, to say I am excited would be gross understatement. I don't care what we do, we could go read the dictionary and squirt lemon juice in our eyes, as long as we do it together with out two little monkeys running around us, I will be happy.


Vashti said...

So pretty much when you post a recipe I know it will taste amazing, so I have been thinking about that molasses cookie recipe post for a while now.
I put thought into action today and HOT DANG! Them was some pert near amazing cookies!
It is like we are kindred spirits of the stomachs.

Janice said...

hope you had a great date!

John and Trina Busch said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. My third was born 6 weeks ago and I am almost back to a normal sleeping pattern. My last trimester I took 2 naps a day! I didnt clean or cook. the only energy I was able to force out of me was for what little I could do with my kids.
ps I know we aren't exactly great friends but I read your blog all the time. I love it!!! I just made my blog private and I'm going to invite you only to be fair, no pressure :)

Andrea said...

That shadow picture is great!
I hear you on pushing the double stroller up hills. Feel the burn! It was a total sanity saver for me when I was pregnant with Emmett. It was usually the only exercise I got and I remember the kids and I chanting "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..." The whole way up!
Enjoy your date :)

kaitlyn said...

i totally get you on the blogging thing. i don't like to be on the computer when the kids are awake either...

and i love your date idea. that cracked me up. seriously. i feel ya.

and i can't imagine being pregnant with a third. i am really interested to see how you handle it. i am sure you will do it with flair!