Friday, September 23, 2011

me myself and I...and my fetus

Last night, it was dinner time. I have come to hate this time.
So while the girls were eating rice with butter and salt (yeah, see? Hate it) I went and sat in our tiny little office in the swivel chair and cried.
I sounded something like this: "Imhungry-butIdontfeelgood-andeverythingwehaveinthefridgemakesmewannabarf-andI'msodangtired-andmyhipshurtrealbad..." and all in a high pitched squeaky voice.
Chad just said:"Go. Go out to eat, go anywhere you heart desires and be gone. I got the girls, we'll be just fine."

Um. A date by myself?
So I put my shoes on, grabbed a book and left with red eyes.
I drove around a while and tried to figure out what my heart, and my baby's heart desired.
We agreed on Table Mesa.
Why? Let me show you:
 Butter beer, yes, like you would get with your invisibility cloak on in Hogsmede. And yes, its good.
 And, my new obsession:
Chicken curry burrito. Complete with corn, chicken, avocados, apples, onions, peppers, spicy curry sauce, and jack cheese, and amazing rice and beans....
 The plan was to go to a church activity afterward.
But I bailed on that, and went to a movie, BY MY SELF.
 Oh my Law I loved this book. The movie was very well done, they did have to cut a lot out but it was still well done, I wish they would have kept the naked crazy guy scene in where Mrs. Celia beats the crap out of him for Minny. Oh well, filming that probably would have been reeeeal tricky.
It was a great date. I came home so happy and ready to conquer the world, even if I still am queazy, I am happy.
I love Chad, he some how always knows what I need, and want at the same time. 


debsfreckles said...

This sounds amazing. What a great husband you have. Last year on my birthday I told my husband in the nicest way possible that I want to spend the rest of my birthdays alone. I just feel like every once in awhile it is good for us and my birthday just seemed like a good time.

Vashti said...

I swear there is nothing more magical than eating scrumptious food that you didn't have to prepare and that you don't have to clean up after. Good for you! Sounds like a totally perfect night!

Southern Belle said...

That does sound perfect and what a sweet husband you have! That food looked amazing, I am drooling over my keyboard right now. I am super excited, because I am skipping the football game tonight (I decided I could skip one game out of the whole season, and its going to be a blow out anyway, right?... can you tell I still feel a little guilty?) anyway, I am dropping off the girls at our gym date night and going to finally get a new bra and then just being alone for 2 hours! I can't wait! I have been dreaming about it for the whole week!!! PARTY BY MYSELF!! It totally reminds me of that scene in Date night with steve carrell where she says she doesn't fantasize about cheating on him, but she fantasizes about going to a hotel room and being alone, in the quiet and drinking a diet sprite! So funny, but so true!

Brooke said...

Yay for husbands who can recognize when their wife needs a break. You've got yourself a winner.

Andrea said...

That dinner looks delicious. I am with Vashti. There is nothing better than being waited on, fed, and cleaned up after!
What a good husband.

Emma said...

Yay for alone date night and yay for Chad! That burrito looks/sounds awesome- I will have to try to recreate.

Me and My Boys said...

This post made me smile, Thank you! It is nice to be alone sometimes! I can't wait to see the movie. I'm glad you thought it was well done.

Andrea said...

I can definitely empathize with you. I hate dinner too. My almost two year old is usually trying to climb on the counter, play in the sink, etc. which makes the preparation stressful. Plus I am due Nov. 4 so the baby gives me really bad heartburn and the thought of eating is painful.

k said...

aww you are the cutest,i'm glad you got a date by yourself