Sunday, September 25, 2011


Are you totally sick of my posts that are basically just iphone pictures and me talking about being pregnant?
Welp, here's another one.

This was me at church today:
....for about 5 minutes.
I just could not sit very long, all my guts are all squished and its just plain difficult to breathe while sitting properly.
So, I would come in and out of class, just walked around the church, visited with people in the hall, spied on my girls in nursery, checked the weather like a zillion times on my phone and got excited to think in not too much longer I'll be walking the halls with a little squishy squeaky thing other wise known as an infant. 

Now we are home, the girls are asleep and its time to make a pumpkin pie.

Happy Sunday to you!


Steph said...

I love your iphone pictures/pregnancy posts, for the record :)

Teresa said...

Nope. Not tired of hearing about your pregnancy at all. My thoughts go out to you and Megan and my daughter, Tessa, who is pregnant with her first baby and is due in just a few weeks. So excited for all three of you to be holding your babies soon!