Sunday, September 18, 2011


It has basically poured all weekend.
We baked (pumpkin bread!!!!!).
Got soaked at the Farmers Market.
Watched a ton of movies.
Read a lot of books (I finished The Help, loved it. Can't wait to see the movie.)
Took naps.
Visited the book store and just snooped around.
Played outside, in the rain.
Took a "tour" of the hospital where baby girl (still fuzzy on the name front) will be born.

Like I said, heaven. I loved having no plans what so ever, and being able to just be together and get soaked in the rain whenever we wanted to. 


Andrea said...

Sounds heavenly!
I have almost finished The Help. I am loving it. I think I have like 80 pages left. Hopefully today during nap I will finish!!!

Janell said...

I must say that the rain coat and boots were probably the best Old Navy purchase ever... I'm pretty sure Lily's been able to wear those for 3 years now! That's awesome!