Wednesday, September 14, 2011

you can call me flower if you want to

Want to know something awesome?
We have a family of skunks living under our house. 
Not just any skunks, I'm pretty sure they are very nervous.
Not only do we smell it, but its so strong, we can TASTE it.
LOVE me some skunk in the morn'n.

What makes it even more awesome, this happened last month too, and our landlord thought he got rid of them. Welp, guess not. 


Me and My Boys said...

BOOOO I guess you can just add this to your python in the wall story! It's always good to have a few just in case a party starts getting lame. I really am sorry that seriously stinks...literally :) Hope it gets solved this time.

Southern Belle said...

Oh my gosh!! Holy crap. That sucks, and they probably aren't as cute as the ones in your picture! That is so horrible you have to smell that when you are preggers!

Jessica Kettle said...

are. you. SERIOUS?! not good at all, but extra not good when you're pregnant!!!!! UGGHH!

Haley K said...

yowza!! and being preggo you have the snout of a blood hound! hope the little "flowers" find another home, and fast :)

Tatiana said...

EWWW! That is the only smell that has seriously sent my cookies flying! It's the most nauseating smell ever! Not to mention having it so bad to taste it! It hits you like a ton of brings, and with prego nose, I'm sure you're dying! Best of luck!