Sunday, October 16, 2011

chocolate cake, in a mug, less than five minutes. do it.

So I saw THIS coffee cake recipe, made it, loved it.
And thought, I bet we could do this a bit more chocolate-y....
And after some experiments, this is how it's done folks:

put 1 tbsp soft butter in your mug (if its cold, nuke it for like...8 seconds)
then stir in 2 tbsp sugar until it's nice and mixed
now add half an egg...I know right? half? well, just use the other half to make another one, duh.
mix in 2 tbsp sour cream
once that's all mixed, add 1/4 cup flour, 1/8 tsp baking powder, 2.5 tsp cocoa powder, and two tbsp of chocolate chips.
stir it up...
microwave it for 1 whole minute, dust with powdered sugar...
BLAM! You've got yourself your very own yummy mug of chocolately, cakey, goodness.

Make it, 
aaaaand you're welcome.


Jenny said...

Oh my... what have you unleashed here?! I am going to be an addict! aaaand THANK YOU!

April said...

What if you are one of those really weird people who doesn't own a microwave...?!

Rach said...

April, I would put it in the oven (make sure your mug is oven safe) at like 350 and then just watch it, im guessing like ten minutes? You are not crazy, we didnt have a microwave for a loooong time!

Louplus2 said...

Have been coming to your site for the past few weeks. Have just made this and it was SO good.
Is it bad I want another one?