Friday, October 14, 2011


I have a lot to post about, that I probably never will.
Like, Eden's birthday party+ her new rain boots and jacket and the puddle hunt we went on.
And the huge care package my wonderful parents sent us, which arrived shortly after I had a "how-am-I-going-to-be-a-mom-of-three-kids melt down". Can you say: perfect timing?
But instead, I'll post another iphone picture.
My belly has become my toddler shelf.
Lily was well enough to go to school today, and Eden has been the snuggliest thing ever. Kinda love it, even if it means killing my hips to carry her around all day. I don't care. I just love having her in her kitty-princess jammies in my arms and messy hair.

Any awesome plans this weekend?
I plan on getting random stuff done around the house before d-day and answering Eden's number question: Mahm, wha eee-i-oo eat? (mom, what does a cow eat?) over and over, with different people: what does daddy eat? what does Lily eat? Mommy, Zacky, kitties....


Megan Marie said...

Priceless Picture of the Moment Award.

mlw said...

very cute :) I know a mom that loves when her kid is slightly sick since it is the only time she's cuddly.