Friday, October 7, 2011

i like today

Lily woke up with a little fever, so I kept her home from school.
We ended up going to the park later and the girls played so good together for well over an hour: down the slides, on their tummies! Down the slides, backwards! Running! Super fast! AHHHHHH!
I like today. I like having both my kids with me, in the warm fall sunshine.
This weekend a lot is being accomplished:
For starters, Chad and I painted our room last night! From a chipped, super dark, brown, to like...avocado green, it's bright and it makes me happy.
Chad is re-doing the floors!Yes, underneath the nasty carpet  there is the original hard wood...still cant wrap my mind around why people ever do that.
And I am making new bedding...probably.

I heard it snowed in UT and ID? Yikes, don't mind me but I'll just sit on my front porch now in the 75 breezy weather. 
Have a good weekend.


Sarahbelle said...

So, I totally blog stock you.... and just thought you would be interested to know that I just saw YOU on pinterest! it is for one of your up-cycle shirt tutorials. Love your blog!

Haley said...

so i caught up on the last few glad you're off bed rest!! :) and you're back to being superwoman already :) you'll have to share photos of your avocado room! and I'm glad you had such a sweet afternoon with your girls <3