Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is Eden's "I win face":
They didn't eat very well at dinner tonight.
And we have gotten in the habit of having a snack before bedtime...which we wanted to stop tonight.
After they were all tucked in, we kept hearing: 
"Moooommmmmyyyyy I'm hungry."-repeat that like, a hundred times.
They won.

Tomorrow is a new day, right?


alliehoopes said...

mostly i love the ginormous syrup bottle :) glad your bed rest was abbreviated and hang in there for the final stretch!

Brittany said...

Story of my life!!! I end up getting so mad because we had the conversation over and over at dinner you get up you are done. Because he understands at 3 right?? I give up and send him to bed with something. At the end of the night I am so done! I am a bad mom. You are right tomorrow is a new day!

kaitlyn said...

my kids too. so frustrating. but you want them to sleep right? i don't know the answer.

R* said...

PS - I am digging the Young House Love-esque wall collage. It's gonna look awesome over time, I just know it.