Monday, October 31, 2011

natural habitat

Spotted! Dragons in their natural habitat:

 Look! just like in Jarasic Park! They lift a cow and place her in the dragon's cave and let them have some lunch:

These dragons basically have %100 sugar running through their veins from this weekend.
And today we get to go trick or treating at Chad's work, come home, have dinner, then head out for the real deal trick or treating.  Best holiday ever! Especially for parents, cause we have to inspect the buckets of course.

Happy Halloween!
-from the dragons, and the cow that survived their lunch break.


Haley K said...

heehee :) i love how you made it look like we were spying on those cute dinosaurs through a telescope :) Yay for sugar high weekends!!! Hope you guys have the sweetest Halloween tonight!

Megan Marie said...

cute cute cute.