Saturday, October 29, 2011

playing opossum

How many opossums have you caught underneath your house?
This little big guy, was number six.
Apparently we have the sweetest hotel ever down there.

My favorite part of this experience is hearing my neighbor and landlord talk about when they were little boys, they would catch opossums  and sell them. $0.50 for a live one, a whole $1 "cleaned" one. So people could eat them.
We really do live in Arkansas.


Erin_C said...

oh sick. I HATE opossums. Now that moved north we don't see them as often, but every once in a while I'll see one cross our back porch and I scream :) A friend told me she had someone in her ward that heard scratching in her ceiling for a few days in a row, but always just ignored it. Then one night an possum literally came scratching through the ceiling into her bedroom. There's a little anecdote to help you sleep at night :)

Brooke said...

We caught 9 opossums under our house. Okay, it was probably more like 7 because a couple of those animals were skunks. It's insane. I hope your critter problem is expelled soon!

Southern Belle said...

You should totally eat it! A guy in our ward hunts oppossums and makes stew out of them and I have heard it is actually pretty tasty:) Free meat! Hahha!

Anonymous said...

What happens to them after you catch them?

Rach said...

Well, our landlord actually catches them. And since he is the city's head environtmental guy, he is nice and drives them out into the country and releases them....rather than eat them.

Meghan said...

One ran into my parents house once. We left one of our doors open and it ran in and tried to hide under the couch. Haha. It was crazy.