Thursday, October 20, 2011


Most of my nesting projects are coming to a close...well I say that, but have you ever been "nesting"? Um, you never stop thinking of ish you've got to get done.
But new bedding is made (crib sheets, bumper, duvet and duvet covers made for Chad and I, AND the girls, pillows complete with favorite animals...),
teeeeeny tiny onesies and blankies are washed and folded ready to go,
the girl's room will probably/maybe be done tomorrow, 
the car seat is washed and ready to be filled,
and tomorrow I'll pack my 'hospital bag'.
Less than three weeks until her due date...sure hoping she decides to come a little earlier, cause we are ready. 
I think.

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Anonymous said...

We want to see more! I'd love to see everyone's bedding!